A simple & beautiful desktop client for WhatsApp Web.
Chat without distractions on OS X, Windows and Linux.

Not an official app. No affiliation with WhatsApp.

OS X, Windows & Linux


Everything you love about WhatsApp…

Group chats

Send photos & videos

Share locations

…now perfectly integrated with your OS

Themes &
Mini Mode

Native Notifications
(with reply on OS X)

Spell Checker &
Auto Correct

Launch on OS startup

Automatic Updates


Read the instructions for alternative installation methods.
Whatsie works with iOS. See the FAQ for other questions.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is Whatsie secure?

Using Whatsie is as safe and secure as using the official WhatsApp Web app. In fact, Whatsie itself uses WhatsApp Web, so all your messages and other account data are not handled by my app, but by the official WhatsApp Web client.

Does Whatsie work with iPhones?

Yes, it does! WhatsApp solved the compatibility problem with iOS devices in August 2015.

How do I install other languages for the spell checker?

On OS X and Windows, you’re limited by the amount of dictionaries your operating system provides. On Linux, Whatsie uses the dictionaries provided by Hunspell. If you want more languages, install hunspell and the hunspell-* package for the language you want (e.g. hunspell-es for Spanish).